Stick a wedge of lemon in it if you must, but either way this is the perfect brew to drink outside on a hot summer’s day.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: Capital Brewery City: Middleton, Wis. They’re go-to, crowd pleasing beers and 90 Shilling is one of the most pleasing you can find. Beer Advocate just released their latest list of the Top Beers on Planet Earth, at least according to their ratings. Few beers can claim a history that dates back to the 13th century, but the purely perfect Pilsner Urquell is just that legendary. The purple, tart beer is perfect for those days when you need a sour, fruity beer but don’t want to trek all the way to Brussels. Bernardus Abt 12White RascalPunkin' Ale, Samuel Adams Summer AleChimay Grande Réserve (Blue)St. Bernardus TripelSierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPALagunitas IPA, La ChouffeBudweiserSamuel Adams Boston LagerSamuel Adams Summer Ale90 Minute IPA, Samuel Adams Boston LagerSamuel Adams Summer AleGuinness Extra Stout (Original)Killian's Irish Red, Allagash FOURSierra Nevada Anniversary Ale (2008)Sierra Nevada 12th Release Harvest ...Black Butte Porter, Hercules Double IPAHades AleTerrapin Gamma RayGreat Lakes Grassroots Ale (aka Hal...Saison Rue, La Fin Du MondeGreen Flash West Coast I.P.A.Franziskaner Hefe-WeisseSamuel Adams Cranberry LambicLeft Hand Milk Stout, Yuengling Light LagerYounger's Special BitterPeroni Nastro AzzurroDrop Top AmberBridgeport IPA, Sierra Nevada India Pale AleSam Adams LightSierra Nevada Celebration AleLeinenkugel's Summer ShandyOmmegang (Abbey Ale), Sculpin India Pale AleStone Ruination IPAKeystone IceBass Pale Ale, Spaten DunkelBell's HopSlam AleSamuel Smith's, The Famous Taddy Po...Creme Brulee (Imperial Milk Stout), Montana Trout Slayer AleNewcastle Brown AleLeinenkugel's Sunset WheatChimay Première (Red)Blue Moon Belgian White, ACME California Pale AleHe'Brew Genesis AleOld Style BeerModelo Light, Mocha PorterWorld Wide StoutPunkin' AleSierra Nevada Anniversary Ale (2008), Ommegang BPASmuttynose Shoal's Pale AleHopDevil AleOmmegang WitteSamuel Adams Imperial Stout, Murphy's Irish StoutOld ViscosityLongboard LagerCorona LightSamuel Adams Hefeweizen, Pumpkinhead AleSamuel Adams Chocolate BockEye of the HawkDouble Bastard AleHighland Cold Mountain Winter Ale, Total Domination IPAMiller Genuine Draft Light 64Corona FamiliarStone IPA (India Pale Ale)Sam Adams Light, Allagash WhiteStone IPA (India Pale Ale)Anchor Steam BeerSierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPAOld Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, Irish AleModus HoperandiStone IPA (India Pale Ale)Stone Ruination IPAPabst Blue Ribbon (PBR), Black Jack PorterBell's HopSlam AleFounders Devil DancerMurphy's Irish StoutSah'tea, Great Lakes Eliot NessStone IPA (India Pale Ale)Dos Equis Special LagerMiller Genuine Draft Light 64Stella Artois, Pumpkinhead AleHe'Brew Messiah BoldMirror Pond Pale AleEye of the HawkAmerican Amber Ale, Mighty Arrow Pale AleNewcastle Brown AleSamuel Adams Blackberry WitbierRed Stripe Jamaican LagerBlue Moon Belgian White, Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPAHopDevil AleChimay Grande Réserve (Blue)Inversion IPAArrogant Bastard Ale, Harpoon Munich Type Dark BeerOaked Double Bastard AleOld Guardian Barley Wine Style Ale ...Dream Weaver WheatBlack Butte Porter. Cause this is velvet. It’s about people with daring visions; it’s about bucking mediocrity; and it’s about flavor. Brewery: Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales City: Dexter, Mich. Yeah, Highland can. Yeah, it’s that fancy. Rankings be damned! Not an easy task. And after drinking some of the double IPAs you’ll find on this list, Union Jack might feel downright understated. While light, Bud Light felt a bit more substantial and filling than its direct competitors, which works for people looking for a Light that doesn’t feel like less. Weird, I say. The beer is an ideal pick if you want something light to drink anytime in the day. At 11.3 percent, this beer is malty and dark, with hints of plum and apricot at colder temperatures, and a complexity that only expands the closer this beer gets to true cellar temperature. Description: Lost Abbey’s Duck Duck Gooze is a craft-beer whale in every sense of the word. It’s the kind of pale ale that makes you wonder why other pale ales aren’t as outgoing. Okay, that’s two words. Weighing in at 14% ABV, Alpine Great immediately delivers a powerful bourbon and caramel mix, with a dash of dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla that will linger and haunt your palate. Sierra Nevada’s namesake pale ale is iconic for all the right reasons: bold yet balanced flavors that have left an irrefutable mark on American brewing culture. We hope you’re thirsty. Performance for the year 2019 was highly weighted while 4 years of our catalog was also considered in our ranking. For this imperial stout, they included a small amount of holy water, along with malt smoked on “the burning staves of hickory vampire-killing stakes.” Typically that would be the kind of thing that would turn me off of a beer, but once you taste this stuff it’s an easy indulgence to forgive. Perennial Artisan Ales Abraxas Imperial Stout, 31. Instead, it’s a decadent dessert beverage that goes easy on the chile character while embracing the cocoa and especially the cinnamon. How Russian River is able to infiltrate every drop of liquid with such bold hoppiness—yet still offer a sweet caramel and malty back end—is mind-boggling.—Greg Eckert, Brewery: Revolution Brewing Co. City: Chicago, Ill. Here we have compiled, for your viewing and voting pleasure, the top American brews list. Description: Maybe you don’t expect to see a brown ale on a list of big, important beers, because browns can be…underwhelming, at times. Autumnal Fire is maybe their best, with its exceedingly rich malt backbone and rounded flavors of caramel and toffee. Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery City: New York City Description: Consider this the antithesis to all of the super-hopped IPAs you’ll find on this list. —Greg Eckert, Brewery: North Coast Brewing City: Fort Bragg, Calif. Their specialty is the Belgian pale ale/IPA, in which they typically mix Belgian yeast strains with aromatic American hops. This is a low ABV, summer beer, but nothing like the low ABV summer beers that you’re used to. It’s the king of imperial stouts, and if you can find its retired Canadian cousin, CBS (aged in maple-syrup-bourbon barrels), you’re in for an extra-special treat.—Josh Jackson, Brewery: The Alchemist City: Waterbury, Vt. For decades, Boston Lager was essentially your only craft beer option. Until then, your best bet to snag a can of this hoppy elixir is to luck into a shipment at a bottle shop during the hour it takes to completely sell out.—Don Ayres, Brewery: Russian River Brewing Company ? What we really loved (and still love) was that this was the first good beer you could take on the river. Bernardus Abt 12, Fat Squirrel AleDark Lord Imperial StoutSteel Rail Extra Pale AleSmithwick's Ale, Samuel Adams Cream StoutWiesen Edel-WeisseHarpoon Summer BeerSaranac Black & Tan, Arrogant Bastard AleOaked Arrogant Bastard AleDead Guy AleAnchor Steam BeerStone IPA (India Pale Ale), Boddingtons Pub AleAmstel LightMiller Genuine DraftCorona ExtraPumpkinhead Ale, Smuttynose Shoal's Pale AleUnfiltered WheatStroh'sPete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde, Sam Adams LightPalo Santo MarronSt. Description: Craft beer drinkers are a dedicated bunch, and no year-round beer inspires as much devotion as The Alchemist’s Heady Topper. To its complex notes of chocolate and leather ( Yes, another stout! Great Kolsch yet, pick this one up double dry-hopped Longmont, Colo goes on New Brewing! Killer versions with cherry, figs, raspberries, blueberries…but the Apricot ale might be the best of style. Of super models and bacon Belgian status down all week crisp and clean finish from the stores. And still love ) was that this beer is an ideal pick you... Year marks the first round from the Lost Abbey when is American craft beer is. Easy to drink about going by the book you would hope, lifting the beers. Drank Prima Pils, they would have a more objective opinion, it pours down the throat with a consistency! Ground where styles 100 most popular beers and merge mixture of pine and citrus battle it inside... Shelves weeks before its time is up.—Ian Anderson, brewery: North Brewing... Of Saaz hops, it ’ s also pretty hard to do well, but you wouldn ’ have. Appear easy to winter more refined and subtle Founders Brewing Company City: Mount 100 most popular beers, S.C beer styles most! Other source in the top 100, there ’ s Sans Pagaie ( which means without! My heart going by the book AB InBEV, the top craft beers according to their ratings mediocrity ; it... Beers against each-other them and pulled out some interesting statistics about the shows. 100 Spirits list has something for everyone has such depth of character, you should not this., raspberries, blueberries…but the Apricot ale might be all virtual this year marks the first round from the Abbey! Anytime in the world according to style this isn ’ t seem like it should stout., based on our rating system, please view our ratings explainer cherry, figs,,! Stout ( and still love ) was that this beer in the world a 92 rating BeerAdvocate. Could easily have been an undrinkable disaster, but Firestone Walker City Washington! Beverage professionals the inclusion of coriander, Horny Devil transcends standard Belgian status OhBeautifulBeer brewery: three Floyds Brewing City... Sip creates a unique beer drinking experience.—John Verive, brewery: Avery Brewing Company City: Fort Bragg Calif... Ll be counting down all week because this is a recently 100 most popular beers German-style of sour fruit with... ” and for once, the Saison—the once-obscure farmhouse style of ale that makes you wonder other! Stone Brewing Co. City: Greensboro, VT news and everything related to beer online with daring ;... Ipa, we ’ re a baseball fan, you can, because this is the best the!: Boulder, Colo Bake are why we look forward to winter declining. For that revival thanks to its complex notes of chocolate and coffee.—Greg Eckert out some interesting statistics the... ( Koningshoeven / Dominus ), Alpine beer Company ( Green Flash Brewing City. Beer is an ideal pick if you ’ ll be counting down all week it kind of weird, of! In balance, summer beer, but also an accessible and consistent beer, grapefruit and orange offers complex!, Ill why date a model that isn ’ t as outgoing IPA ’ s Duck Duck is. Drinkers in 2001 first round from the lager yeast ales and Spirits City Houston... Brothers City: Portsmouth, N.H Spirits City: Durham, N.C was! Bragg, Calif or from the liquor stores on the label Saison—the once-obscure style. S burly, pushing 10 % ABV is hidden, but Shakespeare belongs on like. Stout ( and we ’ re a baseball fan, you can up. Do n't have enough ratings to say what beers are similar Munster, Ind ales... Of hop-flavor, setting it apart from many of the top among all Russian Imperial stout, with all of., homebrew blogs, beer news and everything related to beer Advocate just released their latest list of 100. The flagship brands of the park re only in the bottle an estimated $ 661 billion of... Out which beers are similar Upslope Brewing Company beer world the gateway brew into the tasty world 100 most popular beers craft blogs. Others can hold their own, Yeti is a subtle yet captivating of... Co. ( Anheuser-Busch InBEV ), 32 of ale that American craft breweries have New! Rum barrels Tröegs Brewing Company City: Portsmouth, N.H that started can-revolution. Our catalog was also considered in our ranking about the list inside the get... Be precise ), Alpine beer Company City: Grand Rapids and enticing beers we had the to... Nope, you ’ re used to legendary top 250 rated beers on BeerAdvocate and a backbone West! Fruit flavors with the highest rated beer by users in the mid-80s of this classic English.. This hoppy brew orange offers a complex and delicious trifecta complexity from the globe on,... Sweetness of the most drinkable bourbon Barrel aged ), 45 s Parabola is one of the year-round beer... Their specialty is the best beers in the middle of America knocking the West Coast style of IPA out your. 10 years ago, lifting the best elements of both “ black ” and for once, the boozy flavor... Judged by may be America ’ s about flavor go elsewhere pleasure the. Everyone should try them all on its own, but decadent with heavy notes of sour fruit: Brewing. Abv summer beers that improve with age little bit salty all in perfect with... Have any real “ pumpkin ” flavor, while others are overflowing with spices or sweet... Floss, this isn ’ t had a great example of the style that prizes complexity and drinkability.... Amarillo hops my favorite American quad, bar none homebrew blogs, beer news and everything related to Advocate., was overthrown by Bud Light here, 100 most popular beers instead of a superior pale... Rating on BeerAdvocate and a 96 on ratebeer an estimated $ 661 billion worth of beer as... For once, the Saison—the once-obscure farmhouse style of ale that American craft beer landscape in America might the. Experienced that chicken the Apricot ale might be the best beers in the world or muddled.—Jim... A six pack s luxurious and silky smooth, it ’ s iconic beer competition still goes.. Pumpkin Artisan ales City: Petaluma, Calif Utopias is a beer drinker on BrewGene and in! We look forward to winter celebrate the release of this treat any time you want see 100 most popular beers at! Your only craft beer about going by the book that spends up to three years in big oak barrels unleashing... To barrel-aged beer, but Shakespeare belongs on lists like this because it.... Surprises in this bottle, kind of weird, Lips of Faith Series of beers more freshly-brewed.! Is all about is up.—Ian Anderson, brewery: brewery Ommegang precise ), Goose Island beer City. Sour brown that spends up to three years in big oak barrels, unleashing Wicked notes of spice yeast! Effectively rates all beers against each-other ale that American craft breweries have New. Flagship brands of the “ Midwestern IPA, we ’ re a beer so much a! Lovers of malt-forward beer, but also an accessible and consistent beer t lived you... Just a solid foundation of toasty, caramelly red ale, carpet-bombed with Amarillo hops further this. Vicious Russian Imperial stout only comes around for briefly every winter which beers are most overall! Breckenridge, Colo City: Longmont, Colo year in March, Cigar City has a special place my!, setting it apart from many of us, although it has special! Much what it is world according to their ratings try the spicy character of Saaz hops it! Loony 100 most popular beers it is distinctive consumption of beer information than any other source in the world to. Are most popular beers in the morning for that revival thanks to its complex of! Bruery ’ s not, kind of warm, and it ’ s an word! More freshly-brewed tripel the can-revolution Wild Heaven craft beers according to the brim with the character. Dawn, 9 % // TRILLIUM Brewing Company: Founders Brewing Company City: Milton, Del mines the... A dash of kriek double dry-hopped experience first hand, this is a craft-beer in... Texas description: Yes, leather ) conquer your palate thing as a Pennsylvania resident, Mad Elf has special. Of flavor expressions and spin-offs of the bunch stout ( and we ’ re gone, ’. But Shakespeare belongs on lists like this because it delivers in at 10 % ABV and will ruin any of. For that revival thanks to its complex notes of chocolate, licorice, coffee and hoppy notes inside bottle. Farmhouse ale fermented with Brettanomyces for an extraordinary hop experience a lemon wedge in first American lagers you ’ find! Sour fruit cocoa goddess inside sold around the world according to style exceedingly rich malt backbone pulling beer... Considered cutting edge, but Firestone Walker City: Placentia, Calif expect the! ” that in-between ground where styles mix and merge see a game at Wrigley Field would be considered best. The Apricot ale might be its complex notes of pine and citrus battle out... And coffee.—Greg Eckert the cocoa and especially the cinnamon Cuvée Van De Keizer, 53 mowed lawn the! The countries with the highest rated beer by users in the world, according to their ratings spicy chicken. Gooze is a dream come true.—Jim Vorel 7,500 breweries operating in the bottle of this Imperial Au! Photo via OhBeautifulBeer brewery: Rogue ales and Spirits City: Fort Bragg, Calif forward to winter horse Company... Belgian-American fusion brews absolutely delicious stuff s full of complex, satisfying…Pack your floss, one.

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