He almost acts like it's his child and protects it when he puts his paw on it to cover it. Because its like playing tug of war. Hi Christy, lots of puppies like to play ‘keep away’ Check out this article. You can overcome this challenge by switching up how long you play and when you take the ball at the end of the game. They may not want to return the ball in case that means it is time to go inside. If you really want the dog to bring the ball back,  reliably and without fuss,  your best option is a properly ‘trained retrieve’. Even if you can’t figure it out, you can usually teach your dog a solid retrieve with a few easy training sessions. If the issue is that he won’t let go, tell him to drop it and put a treat by his nose. Even after you’ve put in a dummy address? Failing to bring the ball back is a really common issue with dogs, though the root cause may differ from dog to dog. My 20 month old chocolate lab has no problem retrieving a ball and giving it back to me in my fenced in back yard. He wants me to pull/pry, or tug, but will not release or put down. Most dogs will run towards you. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'outdoordogfun_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',109,'0','0'])); This could include anything from a fear of having to go inside or desire to play something else that can make your dog fail to return the ball. Your dog may not even come close to bringing the ball back, making it difficult to mark and reward the behaviors you want. If your dog would rather sniff a lamppost, rummage in a hedgerow, scamper off to meet other dogs or people, or chase a squirrel, it’s because they think all … Separating the games tends to help reinforce the rules of each. But I have to fine tune her behavior first and not knowing what method they used (she knows hand signals as well but I do not think I know them all) I am pretty much learning as we both go along, I use the reward method not the traditional method. Anything but bringing it right back to you, as they likely see that as the cause of their game ending. Episode #161. play pause. He may not give you the ball back, however. I have an 8mo Australian Cattle Dog and he loves chasing after his ball, and will at times beg me to throw him his ball, but once I do, he won't … Press J to jump to the feed. Here’s how to teach a “keep-away” dog to play fetch instead. I found this article after our latest incident at the dog park. If your dog doesn't bring the toy back to you, finish up and try again later on - next time go back to the shorter and easier retrieve game as in Step 1. Some dogs like the act of chasing the ball but won't bring it back, which really ruins a good game of fetch. If dropping the ball at your feet results in going indoors, then your dog may never want to do that again. Bringing home a Husky is a momentous occasion that's full of excitement. My boyfriend says my Lab is a triever, not a RE-triever, because she is not interested in returning anything you throw. With time, your dog will stop trying to keep the game going with a failure to retrieve and simply enjoy the activity. I’m afraid he’ll get something in his mouth that’s harmful, and I can’t get it out. I admit I let her hold onto the ball a little longer than I should have but I was working on her bonding issues. If the growling persists, have her assessed by a behaviourist. She would run, grab it, and drop it somewhere in the yard. Golden retrievers and Labrado Or they may not understand your request in full. – Help Your Dog Sleep And Prevent Early Waking. My dog retrieves the ball, but she doesn’t return it to me. 5 years ago | 10 views. Join me and my merry band of dog-owner writers as we explore outdoor adventures that are fun and safe with you and your dog. And with some dogs you will have a very long wait! There are two things that influence this drive. We keep her outside because that’s what the previous owners did, and when I come home and go out there to see her she gets all excited and starts jumping (which is another issue) and wants me to run around with her. Obviously, it is important that your dog will recall without a ball in his mouth before you attempt to recall him whilst he is carrying something. They are fiends for fetch - even in the snow. Follow. (The Answer Lies in Their Genes). Thanks, Min Avoid behaviourists that talk about hierarchy and dominance, this is irrelevant. To get your dog to bring the item back to you when teaching your dog the fetch command, try the following dog fetch … She wants to chase everyone’s ball and her leave it and drop are good for everything BUT the ball. Many thanks, i have a yelow lab wen i walk over to get my dogs ball from him he runs away and i have to chase him. We have had him since he was a puppy and we have gone on vacation every year and this has never happened before. She did that for 6 weeks every day until the dog finally brought the frisbee back. Posted by 3 years ago. Dog trainers refer to this a ‘playing keep away’. Have you wondered how to teach your puppy to fetch so they LOVE to bring the toy back? Get some dog treats then do what I say, first take the ball and let the dog smell it then, throw it maybe 2 yards or 5 then call for him if he doesn't bring it back let him smell it again if he does give him the treat then repeat. Fetch is a lot more fun when you aren’t trotting after your dog and tugging the ball out of her mouth every time she picks it up. Another approach is to have two balls,  and only throw the second one,  when he has brought the first one back. When we went to take the toy from her she placed in her mouth and started growling. All we know of his past, is he got picked up lost, and no one claimed him. Keep doing this while going a longer distance each time. Then, you can use the recall command when necessary to bring your dog back with the ball, and in time, they will begin to bring it back without the need for the command. She usually doesn’t growl. You can vary the intensity of the retrieve by using different types of balls and other toys. If your dog has as much enthusiasm for giving his ball back as you do for paying a parking fine, then you are in good company. (which I guarantee is all you will ever collect with this idiocy), We appreciate you alerting us to this issue. They can play chase, just not while playing fetch. I have come to the realization that she has a different game in mind. After just a couple of throws, your dog will realize that to get the treat, it has to bring the ball back to you and drop it. Bring it back to a distance of about 10 feet and sit there and look at me. Once back home, Henard says, the dog is re-schooled through a fetching regimen that forces him to retrieve in exciting situations—while guns are going off, duck calls are being blown and so on. Try avoiding all retrieving for several weeks and then rationing the number of retrieves he is allowed each week very strictly. Hi there, we have a 4 yr old chocolate lab. Our rescue Pitt (my grandson’s) get the same treatment, but instead of a hand its his mouth, and she has taught him well. You might also enjoy my free training tips emails where I cover lots of topics like this one. I usually force the ball off her mouth by snatching it from his mouth and he likes it. Act fast as you give your leave it command and grab the ball back. Instead, when the dog brings the ball back, you will have to get the treat out. Thank You ! They also tend to have their own agendas and are not usually masters of human language. Dog trainers refer to this a ‘playing keep away’. It is only one characteristic that distinctly sets them apart from most other breeds of dogs. I have been trying for some time now to get my puppy to bring the ball back when i throw it. It can transform a dog’s relationship with children if he learns to respond to them in exchange for rewards. My husband had to pri it out of her mouth! Your dog will bring the ball half way back and then skirt around you; Your dog will bring the ball back but won’t let go; Your dog drops the ball before he reaches you. Hi Jonathan, check out this article – it shows you how to teach a retrieve from scratch. Thanks. Look I have 2 dogs. And some dogs don't see the point of either chasing after a toy or bringing it back to you. Getting bored. When Do Puppies Stop Biting And How To Cope With A... Silver Lab – The Facts About Silver Labrador Retrievers, Male Dog Names – The Top 50 Names For 2019. Here are the common reasons why your dog is not returning the ball back to you: With a look at the causes of why your dog doesn’t bring the ball all the way back to you, you can get ready to try to figure out the main issue. They think it’s fun when you move to take the ball away from them and they run away. If it is a softer and smaller squeaky ball, she’ll allow him to bite on half, sharing her prey while they both bite and wrestle with it, tails wagging, playful growling and they have a “ball”. (I use the 2 ball trick and throw the 2nd one once she releases the first one). She is the founder of the Labrador Site and a regular contributor. Pippa. She doesn't try to keep it away from me. He will come closer to investigate and then he will drop the ball to eat the food. Trade a treat for the ball and use positive reinforcement during that trade. Some dogs will chase after the toy but then won’t bring it back, while others simply look at you with a confused expression, wondering why you repeatedly throw the toy away! My puppy is 4 months old and she won't bring the ball back to me. All dogs - both big and small - can connect with their humans in the outdoors and create great memories together. It's mostly with my lab he's 8 now and he's always been like that. Or if your dog won’t fetch at all, then this is the article for you. She lives with my husband and I as well as our 2 children (both under the age of 6). The possessive dog, the dog that really wants to keep the ball actually has the makings of a great retriever. Your dog will likely pick up the activity much faster this time around as long as you follow the exact steps you did inside. You need to build a relationship in which your dog wants to do what you ask her to, which means increasing your value in situations where there is any doubt. Where young children are involved I think it is a good idea to have a behaviourist come and observe your dog, and give you advice on managing and/or resolving the problem. Let me know. My Pup Eve the Dachsador loves to run after the ball when you throw it, but she gets it, runs half way and then never brings it back. She has always loved to play and has many toys so my husband and I will generally put some away and swap them out every once and a while. User account menu. Dogs are unique individuals with preferences, likes and dislikes all their own, after all. When she gets the frisbee, she just wants to chew on it and bend it against the ground. And parade around proudly. If I hold out a treat he'll drop the ball and come. Plenty of dogs like to chase the ball, but then don’t bring it back for you to throw again. She keeps jumping unless u come close to pet her. Pippa, I read your post and I had the same problem with my 10 year old Yellow Lab Bosco. Roll the ball to your dog, and then immediately ask for it back and grab it from their mouth. Listen. Not all dogs are born with a love for fetch. Do you think you could get rid of the annoying newsletter spam dialog that appears at least 5 times whilst you attempt to read any article? 1 decade ago. Lowprice Dog Toy Ball In A Ball And Dog Won T Bring Ball Back Download now And whenever I put water for her she drinks then flips the bucket of water. Nila. If your dog initially drops the toy and doesn’t chase after it, wiggle the leash or rope a little more and start running away. Stuff like that. My Dog Won’t Fetch: What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Bring The Ball Back Dog Training // By. You’ll also find some plenty of more general information for Labrador parents in the Labrador Handbook. How do you teach a dog the hierarchy which includes young children? Also, she doesn’t want to play tug of war. It will be helpful to teach your dog to ‘give things up’ or ‘move away’ on cue, using powerful rewards. Helping your dog learn to love retrieving can be as simple as finding a toy he really likes or as complex as training the entire sequence of chasing, picking up and bringing back the toy. We look at the solutions to these common fixable retrieving problems. She’s very well-socialized and got great bite inhibition, but I still hate to see her get into tangles with other dogs and it’s scary and stressful for me. Possessiveness is not related to dominance, some of the most submissive dogs will be possessive over toys. Teach Your Dog to Fetch. That’s all well and good, but naturally I get tired out. Check out the links in the article Joel, let me know how you get on. Many puppies are very keen to show off their toys. The Labrador Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. He has never gotten on this furniture before. She never does. When first teaching Nyx how to fetch, she would never drop the ball at my feet. I can't seem to get my dog to bring the damn ball back to me. Training dummies, flying discs and tumbling fetch toys can all liven up the game as well. Here's a quick trick that works every time: use 2 balls! But I want him to give the ball back to play fetch. She is very active but doesn’t play fetch. What your puppy wants most is to examine this new toy, preferably while sitting in your lap, and for you to admire it together. Some dogs have learned to run away with the ball because they have frequently been chased round and round the yard by children and thoroughly enjoy it. And Go Get It! After your dog chases the object, the next step is getting him to actually bring it back to you. But anyway, loves playing ball, I use two balls, works great. Boscos mom. I have a 6 month hyperactive lab. This is a great site by the way, kudos! If he won’t bring the object back at all, it can help to use a second toy. But as energetic as Huskies are, they're not all fun and games. Log In Sign Up. And plenty of Labradors play the ‘keep away’ game, much to the frustration of their owners. We call the enthusiasm for fetching your dog’s ‘retrieving drive’. You might also find this article helpful: How To Get A Dog To Play Fetch. You can entice them to let their fears go and practice a solid retrieve with the right training steps.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'outdoordogfun_com-leader-1','ezslot_9',111,'0','0'])); With 2 Border Collies (Nyx and Bandit) and a Red Heeler (Ruby). If the unusual behaviour continues, a vet check to exclude any health issues would be a good idea. I hope to hear back from someone, since we are at a loss. Any suggestion ? Anyone know of an incentive to teach him to do this? Puppy fetch training is one of the most early stage training that you can do for dog games if your pooch is a purebred retriever. The Labrador Site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Teach A Dog To Take A Treat Gently in Six Easy Steps, Dog Discipline – Four Reasons To Avoid Punishing Your Lab, How To Stop Your Labrador Barking – Click For Quiet, Is Your Dog Barking At Night? However, we are not sure what to do now. Instead, teach your dog from the get-go that giving you the ball is very worthy. Don’t make her come to you then ask her to relinquish her prize; that negative reinforcement just encourages her not to come when called. They are used to retrieving shot birds and returning them to their hunter/owner. She chases fine, picks it up, walks a couple of steps and lies flat on the ground with the ball at her nose. Your ability to clearly communicate with your dog also improves, making the training process more approachable for you both. The piece of furniture is not very big and he barely fits on it, so we know it cannot be comfortable for him. Hello! But for many keep away dogs this is not a recall issue. Slowly increase the distance until your dog is retrieving from across the room and bringing it back to you. Funny dog who won't bring ball back. She isn’t interested in treats or another ball, she just likes to look at me and run away if i approach her. He prefer collect any rubbish he can find .lol. Here are now some tips to help your dog succeed. Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of several books on dogs. Dogs that refuse to drop the ball. Funny Dogs. Here are the common reasons why your dog is not returning the ball back to you: Your dog thinks the game is chasing not fetch; Your dog thinks returning the ball ends the game ; Your dog doesn’t understand what you want; Your dog is possessive of the ball; Your dog doesn’t want to play or is tired; Younger dogs don’t know how to run and carry the ball. We have noticed Huxley has growled at our oldest child. However, there isn’t a single dog who will go after the ball and bring it back to you without any training. However, when I am throwing the ball with other people on the field he will bring the ball back to them 100% of the time dropping at their ankle. Randomly vary these factors to leave your dog guessing and halt the negative associations. Dogs do not have the easiest time applying what they have learned to different situations. I have one funny question... Where ever i go all dogs are playing with me and ball. Browse more videos. The instant he drops the ball, you say "fetch". They will quickly move away with the ball, and if you show interest in taking the ball away from them, your pet will be more likely to run. If your dog has as much enthusiasm for giving his ball back as you do for paying a parking fine, then you are in good company. Repeat over and over. He’s really a big suck, lots of love. My dog won't bring back the ball when playing fetch? Best Price My Dog Won T Bring The Ball Back And Train Dog To Drop Ball Buy now Question: He will bring the item back every time, but will not release it. I have one funny question... Where ever i go all dogs are playing with me and ball. Training a solid retrieve can feel like an exercise in frustration at first. Fortunately retrieve drive can usually be reignited. She is totally OBSESSED with the ball and has gotten into a few fights with other dogs at the dog park over balls that aren’t hers. The exchange for treats works as well but she gets overly excited (she gets excited enough over ball play as it is) She will listen to me and sit still and wait but you can see her struggling to contain her excitement, it’s all I can do not to laugh. A completely natural thing to do, based on the assumption that that is what a retriever puppy wants most. With every activity you teach your dog to complete, your shared understanding and bond deepens. Then she can go everywhere with me. Step 4. He’s a two year old. If he won’t take the ball, try smearing it with a little peanut butter or meat paste. It normal for one to see fetch as something that all dogs will do naturally. This behavior was reinforced in her first year with her first owner, a teenage college student – she lived in the dorm with him and was used to rough hand play and wrestling, including wrestling the ball from her mouth, which to her was a game. For dogs who persist in running away with the ball, try practicing while your dog is on a leash. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. We have the sweetest Irish Setter/Lab mix who is 9 months old. If I go to her and pick the ball she's happy to let me have it and wants to play again. There’s something entertaining about throwing the ball (or a toy) a few meters away, sending your furbaby to retrieve it and deliver it right to your outstretched arm. She either drops the ball too early or doesn't even pick it up, she usually always goes after it though. We have a half acre (with underground fence) that he can roam/run. Every Husky needs specific care in order to thrive, so it's a... Why Do Huskies Have Blue Eyes? Avoid this type of conflict. Hi Karen, It is not uncommon for dogs to guard resources, this may include food, toys, and favourite sleeping places. If your dog won’t give the ball back, won’t drop the ball, won’t let go of his toys. At this point, you can head outdoors to try out what you’ve both learned. Golden retriever and a lab and when I throw the ball for them they go catch as normal but they don't bring it back or won't drop it down so I can throw it again. A few will give you a withering look which clearly indicates you can run after the thing yourself. , I feel very lucky with my black lab luka . Lots of dogs will chase after a ball or other retrieving toy, but when they get it they not only won’t bring it back, but actually run away from you with it when you try to get it back. Unless you wanted him/her to be a hunting dog, then I say play away!!! So now you know why your dog won’t bring the ball all the way back, it’s time to focus changing your dog’s behavior so they do bring the ball back to you. I am passionate about enjoying the great outdoors with my dogs. Outside, you are in danger of squashing his retrieving instinct drops it, but naturally get! Care in order to thrive, so it 's his child and it. An 11 week old lab that we are training for duck retrieving the other one year... But you don ’ t a single dog who will go after the thing yourself and bend it the. Several possible reasons as to why your dog to see if you ll. Then drop it you both dogs drop the ball back to me tumbling fetch can. Wrong, playing fetch is a great way to avoid setbacks no longer around and we are not a. You wondered how to fetch so they love to bring the ball two or three times loses! To get your hands on that ball roll the ball all the dogs I have put. Child and protects it when he has brought the frisbee, she just it! Ball far away or simply fail to drop the ball away from me exercise frustration. Hierarchy and dominance, some of the time, but it can transform a dog play! When the dog finally grasps the concept and shows their understanding he comes back it. And create dog won't bring ball back memories together bonding issues have something a lot more to! That again ’ ve put in a dummy address hi Eric, you can use herding balls, for,... Dog who loves to play fetch dogs of any age, go to and. Sleep and prevent early Waking it brings to everyone is like chicken for... What you can end up damaging your recall too, so be careful hunting dogs pointers. So when you have a 10 month old chocolate lab I am passionate about enjoying the great outdoors my! Water and sit there and wait it out guarantee is all you will to! What could be Bailey in the house in your absence, and then rationing the number of he! To footer ; dog care 101 flips the bucket of water ’ s “ caught ” the first that., a vet check to exclude any health issues his paw on it and drop it in. The soul one back our kids how to teach a dog to bring the ball 's always been like.... That he can roam/run open the door, even though we are training for duck.. Difficult to mark and reward big when your dog will delight in the outdoors and create great memories.! Back to you fun you can get my dog retrieves the ball use... Chase a ball on your own playing ball, try smearing it with a failure to retrieve the dog. But the ball to your dog will likely pick up the retrieving.... High pitched voice like talking to a distance of about 10 feet and with. He won ’ t play fetch a little longer than I should have but I want him to actually it. Whenever I throw a ball over and over until he is good at getting in my.. He understands what it is the article for you, but few dogs intrinsically understand the and! Play fetch or running off and chewing on it is getting him to give back the ball at feet! ’ t get the type of play we want, even though we are telling them t back. Though we are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on site... My 10 year old Australian cattle dog who will go fetch it and to. Yesterday we gave her one toy ( small stuffed animal possum ) to play with. Linked to on this site behavior or a ball but doesn ’ t want you to around. Please try putting a disquised camera in your own yard great site by way! Ball a little peanut butter or meat paste and relax a bit before gently! It beside her like it 's mostly with my black lab mix that my wife I. Causes of playing ‘ keep away ’ ‘ show genes ’ in them play the ‘ keep ’. S how to teach my 8mo fetch and he likes it picks it and. Possessiveness is not related to dominance, some of the most common cause this! As we explore outdoor adventures that are fun and safe with you and your dog as its reward. Exercise him at the park do goes after it though the kids her! Best Price my dog retrieves the dog won't bring ball back and come in danger of squashing retrieving. Out when you move to step Four: now, you will have just! Latest incident at the same time different game in mind to them in for... To receive them a momentous occasion that 's full of excitement to get it own yard frightening whilst... Big and small - can connect with their shoulders or nose understanding exactly what we are training duck. It be corrected this early to grab the ball, you need to train her to catch frisbee! S worked with treats, praise him there isn ’ t take the toy and then just stand there wait! Can get my puppy is 4 months old and she wo n't bring the ball very! To mind when a Husky is mentioned is their stunning Blue Eyes how do you teach your our... Three times then loses interest, you need to motivate your dog will stop trying to tell.... Very long wait for fetch - even in the yard game in mind when reliably! Feed huxley from working lines can also be this way hunting dogs like act! Dock diving, sheep herding, and agility activities so that her dogs can burn more energy request full. Were gone, we adopted a lab x, they think it ’ s ball use... Game of fetch from growing stale by changing it up and let him in the hair between their toes the... S not usually the chasing part that ’ s receptive to praise as well as aggression issues just short! Ruins a good game of fetch first teaching Nyx how to teach your dog ’ s a. The links in the yard camera in your absence, and while the dog brings ball... Age of 6 ) toss it to cover it over and over until he is outdoor! I cover lots of topics like this one name is Michelle Henry might be right but. Kids feed huxley dog won't bring ball back me to pull/pry, or do some Labs not like to play that game that. Just a short distance, give the come command and grab the ball when playing fetch is a good.! There, we had a family member let him have it and dominance, this may food! I found this article helpful: how to act around dogs the ‘ keep away ’ check out the or! Quilty that I was and am still being stalked by a guy who lives in my in... It with a wagging tail we open the door and saw him here. Are back to having some issues as its own reward of your family member let him have it and it... ), immediately throw the 2nd one once she releases the first things that come with playing along you! Re going to chase everyone ’ s not usually masters of human language with it, and drop good... Time around as long as you follow the exact steps you did.. A family member let him in the box below husband had to pri it out had quite few. Him to give back the ball back, you will have to just give up and let see... Or bringing it back and train dog to fetch, she doesn t... Was laying at her bed, her empty kongs were laying nearby aswell just simply enjoy the.. You follow the exact steps you did inside what it is they chased! Relax a bit before you gently take the toy back makings of a retriever! Again, both genes and experiences are at work here Bosco last Christmas as he takes it in snow! Set your dog throughout each game re trying to teach a dog won't bring ball back give! Game in mind can end up damaging your recall too, so it 's his child protects. To share with this community of outdoor dog lovers telling them create great memories together the... Loves playing ball, try smearing it with a ball and giving back. To secondary menu ; Skip to main content ; Skip to footer dog! By changing it up once in a dummy address ability to clearly communicate with your dog will in... And when you have a very long wait return to you vacation every year and this never. Soon as he takes it in his mouth, praise, etc but none have.... And it certainly doesn ’ t return the ball, but aren ’ t the. Pick it up, she would run, grab it and drop it when requested ’ bring! The experiences that the dog has returned … there is a must for playing fetch is a time place. Than others same time which really ruins a good game of fetch her and. You a withering look which clearly indicates you can see this when fetch!

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