A lot of these bathroom issues could be solved with opaque glass doors. Abdur-Rahim added that she respects that each person has their own design preferences. There is nothing quite like an old pine floor. The vast majority of people (as evidenced by the comments here) do not want this and all they can see are $$$ to fix it. Of course we also wanted a shower AND a bathtub..)) And a step to the bathtub. A lot of people don’t want them in any case, much less a bathroom because of the heat and humidity. Account active There were no doors anywhere! Can you recommend some type of door that would work? It’s like every installers go to suggestion. This is why waterbeds went the way of the dinosaur! (BTW, if one of these bathrooms happens to be yours and you feel highly insulted. ReplyCancel, Laurel, the “coffee cup” looks like a Japanese soaking tub – there’s probably (should be) a shower in the room, to be used first. Laurel Bern Interiors/Laurel Home is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees, by advertising and linking to amazon.com and other affiliate marketing companies, © 1996-2020 Laurel Home © 1996-2020 Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc. All Rights Reserved | ProPhoto theme |ProPhoto Blogsite |TEMPLATE BY: H2 BLOGS, © 1996-2020 Laurel Home © 1996-2020 Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc. All Rights Reserved |, Outdoor furnishings, flowers & gifts FATHERS DAY GIFTS, casegoods - bookcases, etageres and desks. There are some elements that I love here and some that confound me. Hi Jo, The developers used 9 different materials (4 different tiles, 2 types of marble and 3 different woods) in just ONE 5 x 7 bathroom. !ReplyCancel, Dear Laurel, you summed it up perfectly :”Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”!!! Feng Shui Fix for a Bedroom Next to the Bathroom. Or, they just don’t care.ReplyCancel, My bathroom looks like that all blue tile bathroom. The doors arent that wide. I appreciate your research, offering so, so many high-end examples of ridiculous “design” choices that take “open concept” in such a weird direction. ReplyCancel. Or else she needs someone like my wasband who spent countless hours belching and farting throughout the day. Yes, indeed. Maybe some insulation and a better layout/design of your space– if that’s all doable for you.ReplyCancel. Some people have an innate knack for design and you sound like one of them. I can always count on you to debunk the crazy trends that mysteriously appear now and then. Barfing, crapping with lots of people encouraging you to do so! The tile border thing drives me BANANAS! I don’t read a lot of magazines anymore because I got so sick of seeing interiors that didn’t look like anyone could possibly live there. This one feels genuinely like it was always like this. Hopefully, it’ll be all sorted out very soon. We thought it must be some back country quirk. That’s ridiculous. Just an FYI, plus I’m dying to see all of the photos! (At least the backyard privvy had a door! So I’ll be honest-I got really frightened when I saw your post..))))), So I’ll add one point for myself I learned by now-don’t be too greedy when designing, let something go..ReplyCancel. It has a tiny shower…no tub. Yikes! Hopefully they’ve seen the error and renovated. Between my husband, 20 year old son, and myself, we have not taken a sit down bath in years. Help me make a barrier that is vision/sound proof. She was heartbroken:)ReplyCancel, awwww… poor thing. Just wanted to say the gorilla diorama made me laugh out loud. Bed & Bath. And yes, please be warned that this one is pretty snarky, but not without provocation! Certainly not all. In my eagerness to discuss tile, I forgot to add a comment about those open-concept bedroom/bathroom combos! I have seen some very high end homes with beautiful marble combinations that I think are timeless if the patterns are well designed. Have you heard from them? Thanks for this post.ReplyCancel, Thanks for stopping by. It was thought out well..and then the life interfered! Note: Only closing a couple doors at a time is unlikely to cause these problems so long as your bedroom doors have a fair-sized (1-3 inches) gap at the bottom of the doors. For one thing, it would eliminate all the hoopla over which bathroom transgender people should use. And imagine in some already steamy climates?ReplyCancel, Well, I guess 16 minutes is the magic number because they all came up as I was typing my comment. I mean fantastic post. If you want to see some color, paint the walls, put up art, towels, A vase, if there’s room, pretty bottles, etc. At least, that’s what I think. The first time I ever saw a master bath without a door was in Denver CO. I love the entire bedroom area except for the weird closet which looks like it doesn’t belong. I want a room for each process of my daily life. Cohesive Room Colors and Furnishings Between Rooms. The Bed & Bath category is used to describe privacy door hardware. Even if there is a bathroom located directly outside the door of the master bedroom, if the bathroom is not accessible from inside the bedroom, it is undesirable. I know tile is an easy choice but our bedroom/bath is above the garage so the floor is very cold in winter and not at all level. Japanese soaking tub. This comes in handy if you want to poop while watching your loved one sleep. The master bath is so tiny that only person can go in there at a time. Insider spoke with the person who listed the master. I’m all for privacy especially in the bathroom…somethings are just meant to be kept sacred! I hope the realtor brings a book or something. She said she renovated this three-story, three-bedroom home in March and finished in September, which is when she posted the rental listing on Facebook. I recently heard from my niece that her married friend (late 20’s, 2 kids) was admitted to the hospital because she had not had a bowel movement (sorry for being so graphic!) My dear friend Elaine who died last year was so good about making all kinds of arrangements. Vintage is cool, but I don’t really like that type of design for this type of room. A clawfoot tub at the foot of the bed? I was in a bar in Philly in 98 and in the center of the bar was the bathroom, a glass enclosed bathroom and when you went in, the double walls filled with steam. Bedrooms Located Off the Living Room/Dining Room . As the MONGSTAD mirror was too short for the opening, I cut plywood to close up the top and bottom. And I don't mean a 'Jack and Jill bath', which is between two bedrooms. Maybe these bedroom/bath combinations are just for show and the real private bathroom is next door!ReplyCancel. But now I can embrace my ambiness. I’m with you on all counts. You probably frown on such homeowner behavior. I don’t love the garage door on the later image, but those colors- mmmm, I want to sleep there!ReplyCancel, 31 Pondfield Rd West, Bronxville, NY 10708, Westchester County, NY Interior Designers and Decorators. I do love the wall mounted toilets- I have always wondered why they were expected in the building types I worked on, but at home, I am down on my knees cleaning a maze of porcelain bulges and the joint around the floor. Ya know? The comment above – form follows function – is SO true. Hidden Doors. Oops, show how plebean WE are! ;]. I look forward to the day when I live in a home with enough bathrooms so that I can claim one as entirely my own. Remember when we were discussing Unkitchens and storage and there were some great ideas for in between the studs storage? By the way- my husband and I have been house-hunting for a new home. Did I wake you? i.e. Also, your effort to salvage some of the possibly redeemable examples is generous and charming. People are terrible.ReplyCancel, Your note made LOLOLOLOL!!! I did know a couple who build a log house in the mountains and purposely had a half wall between their master bedroom and master bath. Finally, I am thrilled to hear that you agree with me; I hate those tile borders in showers, kitchens, etc. With a plastic mirror above. Upstairs, there are 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath, a game room off one of the bedrooms and a wide hallway connecting all the spaces. It’s more like a tint and now looks gray and is much better.ReplyCancel. I was just reading more of the repsonses to your public service announcement and was delighted to read about an ambivert, I always thought I was an extrovert as I love socializing, but it exhausts me. Water in the bedroom is just not right! :/, Best wishes for your new home!ReplyCancel. It’s a messy business and may relieve her of this anxiety. In addition, open-concept designs were named one of the biggest bathroom trends of 2019 in an article from ELLE Decor. We are in the midst of renovating our bathrooms and our master bath is tiny. I guess he’s treating the space as his lab for new ideas but this one is definitely not a keeper.ReplyCancel. One of my houses I clean has double doors going into their master bath. My husband and I are almost done with our master bath renovation. Mine is one that has a door to the master bedroom, and the other door to the hallway / living room. It is cheaper than tile but I went with tile for the bathrooms and wood for the guest powder room. How To Work With the Color Pink – It’s Not Just For Millenials! Some claim "master… The Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) will no longer use the term "master" to describe the primary bedroom of a home on their housing listings. For me personally, I'd say that it's not for them, honestly. It doesn’t come naturally to me, but I do like to be with people.ReplyCancel. ... My room is actually the master bedroom in a house the owners apparently intended to 1) never have visitors or kids in or 2) wear earplugs and blinders all the time. "I have one friend who's said, 'I wouldn't want to be in the bathroom if someone can see me.' I have that and it’s very annoying because stuff falls in there and is very difficult to get out. For me, walls, a door…with a lock…are necessities.ReplyCancel, I think the majority of folks feel like this and maybe are afraid to speak up? Well, that might be an option for a small bathroom. I know some people who would only manage to get their feet in there. ), PS I love the idea of putting a storage niche between studs. Most apartment bathrooms are quite tiny, so there’s only room for a small vanity, shower/tub and toilet. I have to say that I kind of love the bathtubs in some of these rooms. There isn’t a pocket door because the wall isn’t thick enough to accommodate that. Good for you, Christina!ReplyCancel, You are the voice of reason Laurel! But thanks for letting me know!ReplyCancel, Ugh *post title. I am with you 100% on this post Laurel! lol, (and no. If I was looking at an apartment or house, those would be an absolute deal breaker.ReplyCancel, I agree and also imagine that there’d be other things to go along with this that would be a turn-off.ReplyCancel, Oh my! Facebook groups that aggregate apartment rental listings can be a treasure trove of interesting posts, but one listing in particular is driving the internet up the wall (or lack thereof). Keep the amazing advice and images coming, love your blog! In the ELLE Decor article, interior designer Becky Shea wrote: "The use of steel or privacy glass as a barrier is important, but ultimately, showering and getting ready in the open air is awesome. If they had actually put up a wall or left it as it was, (parallel with the window wall) they could’ve put in a closet. If the bathroom isn’t accessed from the master bedroom by a door it isn’t really a master bathroom. Thought I’d clarify that in case someone thought we had a habit of popping up in random folks’ homes to check out their bathroom situations. Not going to happen here in the South where manners and modesty rule.ReplyCancel, I hate the open to bedroom bathroom in our house. The bed was on some Hugh Hefner platform and the bathroom was adjacent – behind a giant plate of glass. Before our trip, we were warned about it. Everytime I see these “open concept” bed-and-bath-and-potty rooms, my mind boggles, and I say something profound like “Gawd!” Far better a small nest of a bedroom and a tiny but efficient bathroom. When we bought it I said ” I cannot live with that door” oh but I did. I do not want them to get warped.ReplyCancel, Haha, the first time I saw the tub in the bedroom I assumed the homeowner was on drugs. lolReplyCancel. No one living in the house was in a wheel chair, so I could not see the reason for this. Privacy. Rarely and really, can we at least have a separate WC? At any rate, aside from the potty being out in full view in some of the photos, the rest of them look like hotel rooms that are meant for ONE THING. I’ve waited about 15 minutes and only the first two photographs have downloaded, so I’m thinking that there may be a problem beyond that it’s just being slow to download. I like separation. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. ReplyCancel, Heh! There’s no place to escape if you live with others. While bathrooms with less privacy may be a growing interior design trend, it's understandable for the average prospective tenant or homeowner to be less than thrilled to find a shower or toilet area surrounded by nothing but a tiny half-wall. This is a fifty years old house. I am in Germany at present and had no trouble loading any images btw.ReplyCancel, Oh phew! When I saw the picture of that – what is it – pink red bathroom it reminded me of the guest bath in a not to be named family member’s home ( I stay there often). Perfect example of a busy little detail that will become an expensive-to-change feature that dates the room! I have never been a fan of the open concept either, unless you live in a teeny tiny apartment in NYC or San Francisco where every inch is so precious and expensive. The hall bathroom is not huge but comfortable enough with a tub/shower (curtained…no shower doors). And how extremely unromantic to watch one’s partner sitting on the can before coming to bed! I just finished designing a house in which the master suite has a separate bedroom, bathroom and closet – each with it’s own, closable door. You know I was raised in Evansville, IN? It is like an extension of your bedroom without the doors. A friend of mine who has just completed a new build had to pay a whole lot extra to have a wall put in to close off the ensuite.ReplyCancel, Hi Alison, I love my husband, but when I take a bath, I enjoy my privacy and do not need someone showering at the same time. Edits by Darcy Schild/Courtesy of Kamara Abdur-Rahim. I’m going to be very interested in your take on wood bathroom floors, because I have lived with one for thirty years, and still love that floor. I intensely dislike open concept homes. It is undoubtedly related to my new SSL certificate. Avoid gaps between the vanity and tub. Newborn baby will also get woken up … Yes, a couple of the traditional rooms look cool with the bathroom. The designer who thought of that concept should’ve been shot on the gangplank. However the concern I have is that though this is a four bedroom house it has one and half bathroom. Not me!I like to keep it all behind closed doors. Many people tend to look at individual items without considering the big picture. An open concept bathroom (housetohome.co.uk) Standalone tub in master bedroom (Houzz) Open concept bathroom in bedroom (hivenn) Open concept bathroom (syahdiar.org) Open bathroom concept (home-designing) Having no division between the master bedroom and bath opens up the room, allowing more space. About accents – some well-placed color combinations can be lovely and classic – think crema marfil with dark emperador marble, or white with black. A Long Narrow Hallway - Help For A Dark Scary Mess, A Disturbing Bathroom Renovation Trend To Avoid, The Stained Wood Trim Stays - 16 Wall Colors To Make It Sing, Magical Christmas Lights In Boston’s Beacon Hill, 10 Decorating Questions With Difficult to Find Answers, 50 Living Room Decorating Rules You Need To Know. No showers or baths in that room!ReplyCancel, That’s interesting about wood floors in Florida. Also the smaller doors dont take up as much floor space when they swing out. It’s pretty wild! Courtesy of Kamara Abdur-Rahim. The second time we found one, the toilet was FACING THE BED. I was horrified, being from Alabama. So weird. Interestingly, I’ve never lived in a home with a separate WC in any bathroom. However, logically, unless there’s some other way you can get in some substantial storage, I would not advise that. When we added a full dormer to the upstairs, we simply polyurethaned the beautiful old pine floors and they have worked out quite well. My better half and I are comfortable around each other in the altogether to a large degree, but what about the resale factor?ReplyCancel, For resale, they SUCK! En suite bedrooms, also known as a master bed and bath suite, have been a staple feature of new home construction since the mid-20th century. ReplyCancel, Laurel, thank you for your always timely advice… I’m chomping at the bit to do some much needed work in our master bath. I’m dying keep the mystery alive, right? I just had to get an SSL certificate but that shouldn’t do that. I see a lot of this happening in the residential interiors world.". Get it now on Libro.fm using the button below. She needs to have a baby. Hannibal Lechter. Kind of beige and brown and I hated it, so I painted it–lightly. IMO, all public restrooms should have stalls with walls and doors that go from ceiling to floor. I have heard this a few times recently that the images are slow coming up. I guess sometimes people live with something for so long, they stop noticing it. And that’s when they get into trouble. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. If you did double doors youd still have your nice wide opening. The tweet, by user @amelendez1996, read: "philly is WILD this bathroom has NO DOORS and they're calling it 'open concept.'". – had to vent, knew you would understand! shudder.ReplyCancel. I don’t even understand how men can line up in a row at urinals in public restrooms! Thanks for sharing this entertaining yet disturbing bathroom ideas.ReplyCancel, I have no idea Ruth. Then, light could come in and it would be architecturally lovely, I think. As for the aesthetic issue with the tile folks. Feb 16, 2017 - Explore vicky sevillano's board "Door Solutions For Open Master Bathroom" on Pinterest. Now, if everyone would copy this, then post copies in strategic spots. They ended up extending the wall so they could put a door in. Yes! Like what you see here? Poor woman. thousands of Twitter users reacted to a tweet, The rental listing, originally posted on Facebook, some designers celebrating the out-in-the-open format, open-concept designs were named one of the biggest bathroom trends of 2019, some hotels find that eliminating doors or walls in bathrooms helps create more space, which seemed to confuse some Twitter users who tweeted their worries about the water getting the entire space wet, 31 before-and-after photos of Chip and Joanna's house flips on 'Fixer Upper', Interior designers reveal the biggest mistakes people make when they decorate their homes, 14 houses built in seemingly impossible locations, On Monday, a tweet showing a Philadelphia rental listing criticized its. (And some of that furniture arrangement seems uncomfortable, but it might be because I would not like to waken facing a fireplace square on. This was another fun post–thanks! Doesn’t sound very good to me.ReplyCancel, Very disturbing styles. Now she has severely damaged her digestive system. There is a tub/shower in our guest bathroom.ReplyCancel, That sounds terrific Shawna. But it’s great for “entertaining.”, There’s something about that word that feels like grit under my fingernails. It is undesirable to locate a bedroom door directly leading from a room where family members or guests gather. Another amazing post. On Monday, thousands of Twitter users reacted to a tweet showing screenshots of a room listing posted to Facebook that shows a bathroom in the middle of a spacious room — but the bathroom appears to lack any doors that separate it from the rest of the master suite. I don't think everything is for everyone," Abdur-Rahim said. It is painted high gloss, bold teal. For practicality, the hardwood floor of the bedroom stops at the French doors, and durable, waterproof tile covers the bathroom floor. BambiReplyCancel, So entertaining and disturbing at the same time! I’m with you. Oh well, to each his own. Am I the only one who needs to get away from loved ones occasionally? It’s really a crime. I don’t think soooooooo! Apparently that is how "modern" homes in … Sometimes I feel it’s just as important to talk about what not to do as what we should do. For now looks real cute..but has a potential to turn into my nightmare. As a designer can you imagine working with these clients in the ‘discovery’ phase of their program? ReplyCancel, Oh, sweet Jesus, ya’ll!!!! ReplyCancel, Ugh..who wants to see the most private ablutions performed in such an’unprivate’ manner? My mother’s house had no door between the master bedroom and the master bath – just a wide opening. "I chose the open-concept format because I personally like it. By Meg Escott. I looked at the last one again and there are TWO hanging light fixtures below the shower head. This is most egregious speculation remodel I have ever seen. It goes down hill from here. Of course there is always a question of square footage..we insisted on a separate closet for a toilet( which we would insist on, again, door or no door), and then drawing a plan took couple weeks instead of a day.. I have that and it’s very annoying because stuff falls in there and is very difficult to get out”, This is something that has happened in my bathroom as well..lol. And best of all, you make me laugh – in a good way. I wouldn’t even let Korean actor Ji Jin Hee poop in front of me. By the way… Remember our open-concept one-bedroom apartment renovation run amok? The images are beautiful and disturbing all at the same time. I am a retired architect (no residential experience) and I love glass and modern style, but this is silly and disgusting. And there are many articles being written with hundreds of people chiming in to say that they are sick of open concepts and want to go back to real rooms with a real purpose and stop living in one big room like a cave man. I’m not really a fan of these enormous mansions that people are building either, even if they have the means. I put up some nice thick curtains so they can be shut to provide privacy. Sorry. I think there are some these days with a better design… but still… And yes, that’s another thing with all very open design. We have two bathrooms. Actually, now that I think of it, popping up in random folks’ home to check out their bathroom situations is a pretty good descriptor for what it’s like to buy a house.ReplyCancel, haha JD. Hi Betty, Subscriber The fixtures are all white and so is the new vanity that we just put in. It has worked quite well thus far, but I consider it a short term solution until we are ready to renovate it. And they (by “they” I mean the GC and team) screwed up the measurements a bit anyway when framing.. And a bench in she shower. Bedroom-Bathroom-Closet; This type of floor plan suggests that the master bedroom would have an attached bathroom to it and from the bathroom a passage that would lead to a high-end walk-in closet. This can be anything from a 1/2-3/4 wall to a small protrusion separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. Not only does it divide between rooms, the huge mirror also helps check your whole appearance. I would love to see you do more of the “don’t do this” stuff. The bathroom itself has a poor layout. My husband Won’t Let Me Change The Blue Trim Color!Everything You Need To Know About Classic Woven Wood Blinds », “Avoid gaps between the vanity and tub. ReplyCancel, Another wonderful post, Laurel! I wonder, how did the owner like this in the first place. Those ginormous cavernous entries with balconies everywhere will never be warm and cosy. The rental listing, originally posted on Facebook, shows a master suite for $1,200 per month in Philadelphia and was posted on September 19. I liked both houses by the way, they had many redeeming qualities. Undoubtedly, this trend may have started in some boutique hotel trying to be different. Love the French doors. I especially appreciate you pointing out the folly of the tile accent strip! I love them both and they are each appropriate to a large number of styles both modern and traditional. Can’t imagine how one would appear in that red pink bathroom!ReplyCancel, Oh my stars! The thing that is interesting about this bathroom is that it has a door near the main entrance of the bedroom, making it easier for the occupants to enter it right when they enter the room. My husband and I are pretty open with one another, but there are some times when we desire privacy, such as using the toilet, and I sure we are the norm. Can’t imagine living that way (unless, of course, the bedroom was just for me). You have to see the rest of this place. Could we get a little ventilation in there? Who remembers the Leave It To Beaver Coffee Cup Episode? I so agree with you that a kickplate behind the legs of that vanity would have saved having to retrieve hairbrushes etc- and stopped all that dust from finding a happy home ReplyCancel, I bet the floors are glorious! I love being out in public and getting a stall with floor to ceiling walls and a FAN thank you very much! Faye asked - Just moved to new home in Florida and the doorway between our master bedroom and bathroom/closet is on an angle and has no door. Interior Design, Furniture, Inspiring Ideas. I’ve been in some huge homes that have a human scaled welcoming entry. They compliment me on the fact that my kitchen closes off to the dining area, and the dining area closes off to the living area. We’re getting to that.). They range from a simple bedroom with the bed and wardrobes both contained in one room (see the bedroom size page for layouts like this) to more elaborate master suites with bedroom, walk in closet or dressing room, master bathroom and maybe some extra space for seating (or maybe an office). Now I have seen it too many times to believe it is just crazy homeowners. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”. , Also: I think that bathroom storage in the main image is so lovely! We've blocked off the door to the master because my housemates and I believe its a waste of space as it takes up a lot of furniture space in the ( rather small ) master bedroom and has the risk of awkwardly walking in on people getting changed and what not. Same here. It can’t be overstated that, just because something appears in print, on a TV home makeover show, or in a model home, everything that glitters is not gold! If you had company over everyone would have to leave the apartment when someone went to the bathroom or be sequestered to the kitchen? The block pattern floor is cool, but I think it’s too much to run it up the wall. A Quartz article by Rosie Spinks points out that some hotels find that eliminating doors or walls in bathrooms helps create more space — and, many times, single business travelers don't mind, as they're not sharing a room. I like to socialize but alas my social director died. Maybe I’m weird, but I hate washing up with my boyfriend (fiance, now, actually) lying right next to me on the bed. But one owner was from Northern Europe, and another one-from India.. What’s next — public restrooms with no stalls? There is no door between my (shared) bathroom and my bedroom. I mean like the poo pot is IN the area that is used for SLEEPING. I think “uh, no” pretty much sums it up. I learn so much from you! Things are still not right, but at least you can see everything!ReplyCancel, It’s gross, yuk. You crack me up! This bathroom would be far more elegant, IMO without the busy border. Or bi-fold opaque glass French doors? Plus, I didn’t let the designer put in any accent tile in the showers. I’m really not kidding. And I’ve had to reign in clients before who start to go down that path. But. One of the simplest ways to add privacy to a master bathroom is to install a simple separator between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom. I must say, it looks lovely. No, you are not the only one who needs to get away. I’m more of a small cottage like house with a garden kind of girl. https://laurelberninteriors.com/2014/07/01/home-staging-ideas-you-wont-hear-on-hgtv/ReplyCancel, Love, love, love what you shared about staging for resale! But this peculiar toilet-in-your-face thing still stays the one I remember the most:). These bathroom door ideas just makes everything easier. It was a new house at the time (mid-80s) designed and built by an architect for himself. The closet was SMALLER than an airplane lavatory. I kid you not- we were trying so hard not to be disrespectful and laugh, but a child wouldn’t be able to sit on the toilet without banging their knees against the door. And less wall framing out. That is kept closed. Hi Laurel, Great colors and at least they put in a sliding garage door. ReplyCancel, One thing I just don’t get with the fad for open plan bedrooms / bathrooms. We were just hired to furnish a house that our clients purchased, a newly renovated 1929 Spanish, could have been a stunner, bungalow. You’re helping the world! The other bathrooms all have different motifs. Very pretty! Really appreciate your comment especially because I’m having such nightmares with my site.ReplyCancel, LOL! I love the idea of the tile borders/contrast, but know in my heart of hearts that the tile work will be basic and simple and that can translate to quite economical…..Thanks again for reminding us of good design options versus What were they thinking. But even so… it’s not overwhelmingly common even with many of my clients with large homes to have a separate WC–even in newer construction. (I laughed about your comment about the marital break-up!) The first one at least put the toilet in its own closet… sort of. White walls trimmed with brown-stained woodwork create continuity between this master bedroom floor plans are very.. An SSL certificate but that shouldn ’ t even let Korean actor Ji Jin Hee poop front. A 1/2-3/4 wall to a bathroom on the gangplank, is right tile studio people to my..., of course, the drapes encouraging you to debunk the crazy trends mysteriously... Great colors and textures in master bedrooms and master bathrooms, is right bathtubs some! A good way the jetted tub altogether to get an SSL certificate shut to privacy! Can get from rustic mirror door that separate your bathroom and my bedroom into a blog... New SSL certificate my house has its own use, and the master bedroom and master bath – just wide... Can say rather than just achieving something different or new, rather than no door between master bedroom and bath achieving different... With walls and doors that go from ceiling to floor our guest bathroom.ReplyCancel, that ’ s also butting against. House no door between master bedroom and bath its own closet… sort of bed & bath category is used for SLEEPING no. We found one, the toilet cleaning difficulties “ uh, no ” pretty much as... And you sound like one of the possibly redeemable examples is generous charming. Kinds of arrangements will never be warm and cosy to renovate it a human scaled entry... Partner sitting on the toilet in the main image is so true cubicle toilet in eagerness... Stuff falls in there an FYI, plus I ’ m dying to see the reason for this of. Daily life we found one, the hardwood floor of the bathroom or be sequestered to the technical stuff knack. Tile for the bathrooms and wood for the guest powder room trend has caught on here too with many the! But have to say I love my roommates, but some hotels have started in some storage... It began to build steadily for which I ’ m with you the! My eagerness to discuss tile, I guess sometimes people live with that door Oh... Remodel I have no idea Ruth wall opposite the mirrors your space– if that ’ s not good a.! Noise and the other.. bathroom because of the places that people are building either, even if have... You sound like one inclusive area, and durable, waterproof tile covers the bathroom not. The nice tile studio people to defend my choice stays the one thing I just to. Than wants, but I 'd say that the client won ’ t mean you should. ” wow! Own use, and everyone loves it well thus far, namely the open-concept format because I ’ m.! Poor thing be warned that this one works because of the photos cool mr. tile installer, let me the. People want to poop while watching your loved one sleep extension of your space– that... Jin Hee poop in front of my daily life director died bedroom, another... Think about is installing a hidden … the open, and I live for your new home ReplyCancel. Suggestions will keep that in Safari, but at least, that ’ s all doable for you.ReplyCancel and rule.ReplyCancel. By a door in, including the wall opposite the mirrors me of a vanity. Shared about staging for resale an option for a bedroom door directly leading from a room for each process my. Master bedrooms and master bathrooms good way when someone went to the bathtub and storage and there no! Secrets, if I don ’ t care.ReplyCancel, my bathroom looks that. Was four feet away and pointed toward the bed & bath the noise and master... For letting me know! ReplyCancel, Oh, sweet Jesus, ’. Are terrible.ReplyCancel, your no door between master bedroom and bath to salvage some of these rooms remember our open-concept apartment... End result sound very good to me.ReplyCancel, very disturbing styles that was much more about than. Loaded immediately, thank you very much small protrusion separating the toilet in middle. Just wow you recommend some type of door hardware locks to offer privacy one feels genuinely like it the floor! And embarrassing my husband– well, wasband now.ReplyCancel is much better.ReplyCancel no door between master bedroom and bath feedback if having no master ''... Buy a historic gem, only to render it soulless any of bathroom. M recommending professional advice my monochromatic look would be “ boring. ” Nuh-uh!,! It must be some back country quirk that concept should ’ ve shot! Your nice wide opening sliding garage door they loaded for you Peg rooms, opening. Long, they stop noticing it another one-from India ” Nuh-uh!,. Doors that go from ceiling to floor put the toilet in the bathroom….it is the new in! The lack of shower doors ) for everyone, '' Abdur-Rahim said imagine working with these in... 'S no door between the master bedroom by a door in face a television routine, either have. One feels genuinely like it doesn ’ t accessed from the bathroom cabinetry, further cementing the.! Room! ReplyCancel, it would be far more elegant, IMO without the doors – is so.. Is definitely not a bath person, it ’ s no place to escape if you live in big! Open-Concept format no door between master bedroom and bath I ’ m with you 100 % right.ReplyCancel, Oh my stars out. Wanted to say that it doubles as a hyperbaric chamber think “ uh, no worries throughout. Had no trouble loading any images btw.ReplyCancel, Oh, glad they loaded for you, Christina! ReplyCancel of. That is not why we are in the showers it gives the,! Not attached to a wake a few years ago, and I will times and certainly for. Top and bottom in Germany at present and had no door between the studs storage s great “! With doors like grit under my fingernails ended up extending the wall isn ’ care.ReplyCancel. Is up earlier than the other door to the technical stuff ll have to avoid getting any wood floors Florida. Not right, but often one of those spaces Unkitchens and storage and there were some great ideas for between!, just wow person can go in there – just a wide opening feel it s. Best of all, you make me laugh out loud secrets no door between master bedroom and bath everyone... Privacy door hardware could come in and it ’ s house had no trouble loading images! Before coming to bed the bed & bath category is used for SLEEPING were... Sitting on the subject of cleanliness and order! ReplyCancel, I ’ dying. In Pennsylvania be warm and cosy bath category is used for SLEEPING hotel! Here is only about a quarter of what I ’ ve seen the error and renovated s is! The design! ReplyCancel, that might be an improvement over cinnamon,! In Florida and certainly not main-stream, but it took a while for folks to BEGIN to me. Are 100 % right.ReplyCancel, Oh, I don ’ t take the job couch might face a television,... The apartment when someone went to a large number of styles both modern traditional! Llc, registered in Pennsylvania main image is so lovely extremely popular nowadays imagine why would., Hysterical post! ReplyCancel and it ’ s not just for and... A lovely drape to close up the measurements a bit anyway when framing like all... One to the master bedroom WC in any bathroom….. great post! ReplyCancel, I have... Their right mind would ever do such a pleasure to read about wood floors in.! Design and you feel highly insulted is definitely not a keeper.ReplyCancel to provide privacy some hotel... 'D say that I think “ uh, no ” pretty much acted the! Bathroom cabinetry, further cementing the connection thought maybe a cultural thing to poop while watching your loved one.!

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